Advance Booking Plan

Advance booking plan by Seeta Gold & Diamonds will help you to purchase Gold Jewellery (22KT) at
No Making & No Waste Charges up to 18% VA
. Under this plan if you purchase
Diamond/Polki/Italian/Platinum Jewellery, you will receive 100% of one month bonus.

On enrolling, you can select an amount of your choice as monthly advance payment. There are various slabs starting from Rs. 5000 onwards. You will also get a passbook to keep track of your payments. All you have to do is pay eleven equal monthly advance payments. After making the advance payment for the last month, you can buy your favourite jewellery. The customer is entitled to buy the jewellery in the 11th month.

Advantages of the Plan

  1. A key benefit of participating in the plan lies in its cost-effectiveness and adaptability. This structure allows individuals to invest in gold without the burden of a one-time payment.

  2. This methodical investment strategy proves particularly advantageous for preparing for significant life events such as weddings or anniversaries, where gold holds substantial cultural and emotional value.

  3. We also offer supplementary advantages like no making charges on jewellery or end-of-term bonuses, thereby enhancing the value of the investment.

  4. Opting for gold investment through this plan serves as a safeguard against inflation and market fluctuations since gold prices generally demonstrate stability or growth over time. 

Leverage these advantages through thoughtful planning and enroll in the plan by Seeta Gold & Diamonds.

How it Works

On purchase of Gold Jewellery (22KT)

On purchase of Gold Jewellery (22KT)

Month Amount Gold Rate Weight - Grams
1 50,000 4400 11.363
2 50,000 4500 11.111
3 50,000 4600 10.869
4 50,000 4700 10.638
5 50,000 4800 10.416
6 50,000 4900 10.204
7 50,000 5000 10.000
8 50,000 5100 9.803
9 50,000 5200 9.615
10 50,000 5300 9.433
11 50,000 5400 9.259

Total accumulated weight 127.11 GRAMS



On purchase of Diamond/Polki /Italian/Platinum Jewellery

On purchase of Diamond/Polki /Italian/Platinum Jewellery

Month Amount
1 50,000
2 50,000
3 50,000
4 50,000
5 50,000
6 50,000
7 50,000
8 50,000
9 50,000
10 50,000
11 50,000

Total accumulated amount is Rs. 5,50,000
You'll receive 100% of one month bonus i.e. Rs. 50,000
On your jewellery purchase you can redeem Rs. 6,00,000

Terms & Conditions

  1. The monthly advance payment must be equal & paid continuously for eleven months.
  2. On completion of eleven months the member will be eligible to avail No Making, No Wastage Charges up to 18% on 22KT Gold Jewellery. Above 18% VA, VA will be borne by the member.
  3. On purchase of Diamond/Polki/Italian/Platinum Jewellery customer will receive 100% of one month bonus.
  4. Under this purchase plan, member can not avail gold coins. Member must purchase a jewellery product.
  5. This advance against purchase of jewellery is unique and will not be linked to any other existing offers.
  6. If the member wishes to discontinue purchase plan before maturity the amount will be adjusted againt jewellery purchase. No Cash refund.
  7. We accept Cash/Card/Online.
  8. When the member purchases Jewellery in excess of accumulated weight, the VA & MC as applicable will be borne by the member.
  9. Every one month delay in payment of installments will lead to every one month delay in delivery.
  10. GST & any other government levies at the time of delivery will be borne by the customer.
  11. Please carry pass book at every Installment payment & at maturity.
  12. Any correction in the payment should be brought Immediately to the notice of management. Any corrections at the time of maturity will not be accepted.
  13. Subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.